Just Finished 400 days

Worth the money to keep you happy till the next season.

Just finished Flow

It’s also different, but it makes you want to keep going. 

No real tell of what to do. You just figure it out on the go. 

You’re what I think …a creature in the water growing by “eating” and once you’ve finished you can continue being something else. Like some sorta circle of life.

The controls threw my off though! You have to rotate your controller to more in the direction you wanted to. Gosh darn sore arms in the morning… or maybe that’s just me and my horrible turning. 

Anyways it’s fun! Credits are too! Makes you wanna read em the way they set it up. 

Enjoy if you play!

Just Finished Journey

You needa get the soundtrack it’s lovely.

It’s not a typical game it’s more of a relaxing journey. Not hard, not easy but beautiful. Even if you can’t choose who you co op with. It’s exciting to find one person and just keep going.

It’s different.

It’s a good thing.

The Journey Flower Theme

I love it you guys. I’m keeping it like this for a while now!

The turn of events in the 3rd chapter of the waking dead you guys

was heartbreaking and you seem to need to adapt to what’s going on now even when the past was so well comforting. I dunno about the new people, I don’t know how we’ll deal losing anyone else. Will people spiral into madness? Makes me think of the comic book more.

Clem is still hoping to find her parents. I dunno how to respond to that every time I don’t have the heart to tell her they are probably dead D: Especially her dad. There’s no doubt in my mind that he isn’t gone. Though her mom… you never know… 

Untill next chapter I guess.


Just downloaded the next chapter

and so we begin ;)

Doing better then I thought I was….

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US PS Plus subscribers will get The Walking Dead episodes 1 & 2 on August 7


PS Plus subscribers in the US now have no excuse not to play these great episodes in the video game adaptation of The Walking Dead made by Telltale Games.

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to those that havent tried it yet. Whatcha waiting forrr 

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Message me who you be and I’ll probably add you!

My name is Kristhina I play about 3days+ a week is my estimate! I live in Canada and have a plus account. So hello! 

I also needa get a mic… but later!