….there was a pause

and it was on purpose

Oh dear

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Just Finished Journey

You needa get the soundtrack it’s lovely.

It’s not a typical game it’s more of a relaxing journey. Not hard, not easy but beautiful. Even if you can’t choose who you co op with. It’s exciting to find one person and just keep going.

It’s different.

It’s a good thing.

A part in Journey where I’m like

no why ugh get up YES 

The Journey Flower Theme

I love it you guys. I’m keeping it like this for a while now!




I think I’ma try for a trophy a day…

does that sound outrageous or just right? cause I’m getting lazy. Then I’ll update here if I did it or not… sounds good right? Or how many I got and such. tracking my self on finishing my ever growing ps3 collection….

For my DS I guess I’ll umm walk round with it more
Wii needs play sooo badly (yet I still really want wii U)

That’s all the systems I really play…

Also just pre-ordered Journey and The last story. TA-DAA