Would love a follow. ;D

Bluzblue hurts my thumb

fightstick would be lovely


I’m hoping to buy a ps3 on ebay that I can repair on my own. Trying to keep it cheap. Going for a slim or super slim since I already have the original. I also fixed that one when it broke. Disc reader issue that time. Also to remove coins that messed with the magnet. I remember being so stressed I’ve f-up my ps3 forever. It still going strong today ;) But since I’m in Ontario at the moment I left my ps3 in Halifax and it’s killing me … I don’t want to use my nephews anymore since his room is sooo cold in that room and I can’t handle it. I keep up with my ps+ subscription online so that’s alrighty. I’ma cross my fingers hoping I can get a second ps3 console … 

Dragons Crown.

I love this game.

Just Finished 400 days

Worth the money to keep you happy till the next season.


Ratchet and Clank


God Of War Saga




All-stars is way fun!

Wow didn’t expect that! :D